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Additional Information for PackStation customers:

Europe: 1-12 business days
WordlWide: 5-60 business days

As soon your order is been placed an invoice will be sent sent you to .

Orders above $2500 will be give a discount.


By clicking on “Place order” the order is completed.

Now you have to pay the BTC to the shown wallet.

You can use the Copy button to copy the wallet-address or Scan the QR Code.

Please always copy the BTC Amount.

It can take about 2 hours to get the payment confirmed.

Please calculate this time into your estimated “wish” receiving date.

Its possible that your order will be shipped the next day. Please understand.

You can add your favourite products into the wishlist so you can order it quicker then searching it in the Shop.

Please contact our Mods by opening tickets! Our Mods will sort our the problem and we will find a solution for it. Theres always a solution ?